Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gary Bettman still opposes a second team in Toronto

Last night was the annual debate argument fight between Gary Bettman and Ron MacLean on the CBC Stanley Cup telecast. The CBC pays the NHL $100 million to telecast hockey and for their money they get a belligerent Commissioner to come on air each year. If you missed it the entire 9 minute encounter can be found below. The highlight for me was the discussion regarding a second team in this market (at the 6:40 mark).  MacLean asks about Southern Ontario, and Bettman throws Winnipeg and Quebec City in his face wondering why MacLean doesn't want to "right the wrongs" of previous relocations and wants to focus on the Toronto market instead. In my mind Bettman is happy to play the bad guy for the Maple Leafs. The truth came out in the Phoenix bankruptcy court which is that the Leafs are strongly opposed to another team encroaching on their territory. Bettman will defend the Leafs' market so that MLSE doesn't alienate their frustrated fan base.

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